Powerful Software Built EffortlesslyOur visual development platform and expert builders, makes building with Brevity the best way to create custom software
Rapid developmentFrom idea to launch in weeks, not monthsWe’ve automated the boring parts to make building on Brevity as fast as possible. We’ve found Brevity can be up to 10x faster than traditional development
Creator canvas
Focus on features, not code
You don’t need to be a coder to use Brevity. You can focus on building an amazing product, Brevity will write the code for you.
Building in brevity
Bring your app to lifeTrigger API's, make calculations and database requests
Design PropsComplete layout and element styling control.
Data driven appsStore your user data and authenticate users
Powerful WorkflowsWorkflows will make your app come to life. You can use them to run complex calculations or simply update a row in your database.
Design FreedomComplete control with robust theming. You can create reusable components and styles, or even write Custom CSS if that's your thing
Custom DatabaseBrevity comes with a full fledged database out of the box. It's as easy as creating tables and fields and Brevity handles the complexities.
Ideas brought to life by Brevity
Start buildingPaths tailored to youEvery build is different, we are here to make it happen
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ProWe build for you
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We build for you
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Expert designers and builders
Lightning fast turnaround
Post launch priority support
Maintain your app yourself
Unlimited feature requests
Build yourself
Unlimited pages/database records
Custom domains and hosting
Brevity community access
Unlimited custom components
Branching and staging deploys
Brevity ProsStart your build with a proUnlike traditional development services focused on ongoing maintenance, we prioritize a swift launch, empowering you to take control
Launch quicklyGet your app built in weeks. We will get you up and running in lightning speed.
Feature flexibilityYou are in charge of the roadmap. Add as many feature requests as you'd like, we will get right to work
Maintain controlWhen a product is built in Brevity you're not left out during the building process. You can always jump in and build as well.
Custom solutionsSome features require us to go the extra mile. We create the solutions that make it happen.
Start your buildLet's make your idea become reality in a matter of weeks
Frequently asked questionsEverything you need to know about Brevity and the process
How long will my project take?
Do I own my data?
How involved is Brevity after the initial build phase?
What kind of projects can I build on Brevity?
Can I build on Brevity by myself?
Still have questions?We're here to help! Feel free to reach out with any questions you have.