Hi 👋 I'm BrevityThe Visual Canvas that Writes Code for You
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PerformanceI'm Pretty FastBrevity was designed to be lightning fast. Our code is ultra performant and also includes best practices for SEO and accessibility. Your developer friends are already jealous.
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screenshot of workflow builder
WorkflowsMake it HappenGo way beyond basic websites. We give you robust control of app logic through workflows. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility.
PluginsYou Want It? I Got ItBrevity was designed to be full customizable. Connect to data, bring in new features, and more through plugins.
Screenshot of data connector
Connect to the data you're already using. Use a generic API or one of our prebuilt integrations.
Sending texts? Streaming Video? Embedding widgets? New features are just a plugin away
Be as unique and custom as you need by writing your own plugins that can extend Brevity anywhere you need.
But Wait, There's More!
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Built in HostingDeploying your app to hundreds of locations across the globe is as easy as clicking a button
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AuthenticationLet your users signup and login right out of the box...
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Reusable ComponentsDesign once, use everywhere. Reusable components can be shared across apps
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Design FreedomComplete control with robust theming. Even write Custom CSS if that's your thing
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Code ExportWorried you'll outgrow us? Have peace of mind that you can export your app's code at any time.
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Dynamic DataEasily mix data into your designs and workflows
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